Darrius Willrich debuts new video

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    Hot young singer, Darrius Willrich, who spent several months on our Top 10 charts a couple years ago, is back with a new song and video, "Get Down To This Loving."  We like the song and video and asked Darrius how it came to be:

    Motzo of Digital Marionette and I worked on this video all last year (2010). The springtime motif from the University of Washington really brought this one alive for us.  This is a perfect time to release it to you. Bop Street Records was also very helpful at both of their locations.  We wanted to paint a picture of freedom which is only available when you get the green light to "Get Down To This Loving"

    Well, that all makes sense to us. So check out his SoulTracks intro and just below it is the new video. What do you think of it?

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