Marshall Titus

Marshall Titus

    Singer & songwriter, producer, actor - Marshall Titus is a multi-talent, whose music, Attitude and Style redefined soul music.

    "My music is a true reflection of who I am: An artist who can not be influenced by current trends or traditions. Rather, I am guided by the inner longing for creative urge to create. "

    In Marshall, everything begins with the voice. The deep passion makes Marshalls Timbre same unmistakable as his rough voice, through which you can both triumphs and losses, resorted directly from life to hear in his music. There are moments that are captured and how acoustic snapshots sound. You see it, you feel it: Vintage, sensual and grounded!

    From Chicago

    Born and raised in Chicago's Marshall. Even in high school, he sang in different local bands and vocal groups. As a performer, he gained first national attention by sending it to the final of the American version of the television show Star Search, Category singer / male, managed.

    In the musical field, he was with Chicago's prestigious "Jeff Award" for his strong and charismatic presentation of James "Thunder" Early in the musical "Dreamgirls" award (in Marriott's Lincolnshire Theater / Chicago) and in addition to numerous musical engagements around the globe had Marshall participate the opportunity in the American box office hit "Barbershop" alongside rapper Ice Cube. As a sought-after studio singer shouted Marshall in countless commercials, among others for Coca Cola, Mc Donald's and KFC.

    The creative Marshall

    There's also Marshall, the songwriter and producer. "I love the whole creative process: You start with a blank paper, with a small idea. The first step is made. A word, a phrase, a sound / theme ... a first image is drawn, and it takes more and more shape -. Until the birth of the song "

    As strong as his voice are his songs, which he earned from "human experience", are about life in all its facets. Marshalls first successes as a songwriter by asking for Disco Diva Linda Clifford the title "Sweet Melodies" co-wrote. One of his dreams came true when he produced for the legendary frontman of the Temptations, Dennis Edwards, the song "Naturally". The well-known gospel choir "Walt Whitman and The Soul Children's of Chicago" coverten his uplifting anthem "Stop The Tears".

    Global Soul

    Marshalls creative creative urge helped him a life outside of America to lead.His first experience abroad was a commitment in Paris to einzusingen also soundtrack titles in addition to the title song "I'm walking away," the French film "Mort un dimanche de Pluie".

    Already a few years later was staggered Marshall again to Europe, this time to Frankfurt and Cologne to work with the producer Oliver Schmitt and Attila Ciftci of songs which appeared on Marshall's first longplayer "Titus Vol. 1". The album, which was published on Marshall's own Music Label Doc Soc O Entertainment Group, Marshall is also working with the DJ Max Grant. This experience paved the way for him to be able to work internationally as an artist.

    Back in Chicago Marshall wrote more titles with guitarist and producer Keith Henderson for his second album, "The Reality Of Dreams Project". In between were always again different theater productions, tours and events at, where Marshall was involved.

    Life is music, Hamburg

    "There is this great power in music. Songs can be inspiring, calm, heal broken hearts, enhance moods and obtain even size. It is my great desire, not only as an artist but more as a human being, to spread music that evokes in our time in us peace, compassion and humanity. "

    A first impression of this desire gets you when the music video for Marshall's music video "I Will" (Director: John Gress) sees the newspaper A & U describes the video as "bold, brave, soulful, strong and moving.".

    This video brought Marshalls longtime friend Byron Van Jones in the summer of 2012 to Marshall invite to Hamburg to perform "I Will" at the benefit concert "Sing 4 Life". After this performance was a life-changing decision for Marshall.

    "My stay in Hamburg was initially planned only for a week and now I am here for the third year!"

    After five months, Marshall learned in German lessons his classmates Rui Pereiric and Igor Maric know.Together they decided a documentary ("Just three songs -Soulumentary") about Marshall travel (or adventure) in beautiful Hamburg to turn. At this time Marshall wrote with his longtime co-writer Keith Stewart his song "Send A Little Love" evolved from an instrumental arrangement that Marshall was sent by his partner as an email. The events surrounding Trayvon Martin and the Sands Hook Elementary School in the US Marshall moved to write "Send A Little Love".

    After Marshall had the hamburger producer Fritz Darjes met "Made in Hamburg Entertainment", they decided to work together, the result of this work include the single and video (Directed by: Herb Santos). To "Send A Little Love".

    In Hamburg Marshall, both artistically and personally, started a new chapter.Many engagements and appearances determine his everyday life so you could multiply Marshall in the past two years experience at various festivals and many events.

    Look for a new CD and a tour in 2015!