An 80s Lost Gem from Paul Laurence that still “Cuts” it today


Thirty-four years ago, 80s hit songwriter/producer Paul Laurence (Freddie Jackson’s “Rock Me Tonight,” Stephanie Mills’ “You Put a Rush on Me,“ and Meli’sa Morgan’s “Do Me Baby,” and many more) teamed with behind the scenes singer/songwriter Janice Dempsey (Chaka Khan, SWV, Deodato) to create a true Lost Gem with a timeless message.  Shockingly, this song did not even chart.

I actually believe this song could connect in the current era as remake with modern artists. Here is what Paul Lawrence has to say about the creation of the song: 

I wanted to record a love song that dealt with both sides of the dynamics of a relationship. When only one side of any conflict is told, that is the scenario that seems right.

My character wants to avoid all the problems that arise in a relationship and focus only on what made them fall for each other. He does not want to deal with the accountability issues that happen in any ongoing relationship. The other character wants that as well, but understands that a lot has been invested in the relationship, and to simply live in the “honeymoon” phase is not logical. She understands that accountability and feeling secure, will solidify the relationship in order for it to keep those initial feeling flourishing…

As far as the track itself…A lot of my musical inspiration comes from studying my favorite band over the years…Earth, Wind, & Fire! I wanted to put the song to that type of groove. I would picture Maurice White, swaying side to side when the song breaks down…

Check out this great Lost Gem and let us know what you think.

By George Littlejohn

Paul Laurence feat. Janice Dempsey
“Cut The Crap”


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