World Premiere: Sydney Raneé wants to “Ride Your Mind”

(June 20, 2024) One can never have enough summer anthems. With the growing need to drop juicy summer anthems upon the hot months that lie ahead and Sabrina Carpenter’s “Espresso” already glued to our ears, two talented musical forces from L.A. are joining together to kick off the sizzling season with matching energy.

Producer and pro drummer Efajemue Etoroma, Jr. has teamed up with singer/songwriter Sydney Raneé on “Ride Your Mind,” a refreshingly sleek, smooth groove peppered with radiant atmospheric neo-soul and hip-hop beats. Clocking in at a mere two minutes and twenty-two seconds, the song takes off and rushes in quickly for a crisp landing. But it gets the job done, complete with verse, chorus and a swagger-packed rap.

Raneé puts the cherry on top as she provides the right dose of sultriness on the vocals, singing “I just wanna ride in your mind/Your mind, 24/7.” And it’s all packed in a pint-size Pink Pantheress-channeled summer jam that still feels like a rollercoaster ride.

Check out the World Premiere of “Ride Your Mind” below and let us know what you think.

By J Matthew Cobb

Sydney Raneé

"Ride Your Mind"

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