Siloam Pool glimmers again on "Simple Complexity"

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    (November 20, 2022) It can be hard for a guy to make the move and approach a lady who has captured his imagination – especially when that woman gives him no inclination that she sees in him what he sees in her. Rejection can be a heckuva buzz kill. Plenty of calculations and considerations go into the decision of whether to risk walking across the room and strike up a conversation or let to allow the possible love of your life to walk out that door.

    On “Simple Complexity,” Detroit native Siloam Pool injects one more consideration for the protagonist in this jazzy number to ponder – race. “Simple Complexity,” the title track from her 2021 album, tells the story of a White man who sees and is instantly attracted to a Black woman, and while demographic data and our eyes tell us that this is not the fraught choice that it was back in the pre-Loving days, the moment’s hesitation that accompanies weighing 400 years of history might be enough to let her slip away.

    “Simple Complexity” possesses an element of percussive jazz with touches of synths and keyboard that provide a platform for Pool’s mesmerizing vocals as she messages lyrics that tell the story of what is going on in this man’s mind. He sees something that is so alluring, but we wonder if she will be able to look beyond the color of his skin. Love and race have been making the complex simple and the simple complex for 400 years and Pool perfectly captures that dynamic on this tune. Check it out here.

    By Howard Dukes

    Siloam Pool - "Simple Complexity"

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