First Listen: It’s not “Too Late” for soul man Russell Taylor

(June 18, 2024) Russell Taylor is one of those brothers who, when he sings, lifts his head until it locks into the folds of his shoulders and then lets it all out. Passion, vulnerability and honesty is what you will get from him. He’s the kind of singer who is trying to convince somebody, usually his woman, of something. He’s trying to tell her that she should get away from the guy she’s currently with, or Taylor is seeking to tell her that the thing they have is worth fighting to maintain.

“Let Me Love U” from Taylor’s 2009 album Confessional is an example of the former, while his new jam, “Too Late,”  is an example of the latter. “Too Late” is a tune filled with tempo changes and lush strings that serve as the melodic expression of the ebb, flow and tension of a relationship at the crossroads. From a lyrical and arrangement standpoint, this tune will put listeners in mind of the sophisticated sounds of Philly soul.

Taylor adopts a conversational tone as he seeks to reason with his lady, who has misunderstood his words. HIs words are intimate and the bass, keyboard,  percussion and guitar riffs give Taylor room to make his case. Then, at the hook, violins swell and Taylor rises to the occasion vocally as he asks if it’s too late to recover what they lost.

Check out Russell Taylor’s “Too Late” here.

By Howard Dukes

Russell Taylor

"Too Late"


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