Avis Harrell

Official Biography (courtesy of Avis Harrell)

This beautiful, soulful, funky diva has all the ingredients of a superstar who has sung with the likes of Ray Charles and Wayne Newton.  But many great artists have influenced Avis’s music career from family, to the soul of Aretha Franklin, to the energy of Beyoncé; the musicianship of Stevie Wonder, all the way to the writing and dancing creativity of Ne-Yo and Michael Jackson.  She says that her new CD, “The Best of Avis Harrell” is special to her because with those influences, she wrote, sang, played and produced totally new arrangements, grooves and remixes on many of the songs you will hear.  “Shake It!” opens her CD to get the party started.   Avis said she was looking to recreate a music track with a funky new heavy club bass line to enhance her song and when she came up with this groove it was just what she wanted, so you won’t be able to stay in your seat!   She said that once she got going, she put together a complete Cd and video that’s all about her travels and a fun time.  A time to laugh, dance, love and live together, but yet serves as a platform in many areas; from a party, to love relationships, to working your body out, to world peace.  The intriguing thing about her video is that she represents 20 or so different beautiful cultures dancing and she brings to light that creative movement is versatile as she is.

The second song on her Cd, “It’s Just That Good” is another newly added attraction describing how exciting it is to be in love!  And though love has its ups and downs, sometimes you have to call people out when they are being shady as in “Overheard Somebody Say”.  This remix is another foot stomper, party jumper, where she said she channeled into moments of her best Ms. Franklin influenced soul.  Avis stated that “we all learn from someone and I couldn’t think of a better singer”.  Still, her intention is to make you feel “Happy”!  And she said it’s not the one by “Pharrell” but another original remix written by, “Harrell”… Avis that is, from one of her previous CD’s written in 2005.  She is sure it will get you up on the dance floor again…. and keep you there! ; -)  Avis wants you to believe in her new music and that is why it’s about truth and positive energy!   I for one am a believer and it moved me!

The underlying beauty of this artist is that she has many layers.  She says that while we are partying and having a great time, let’s not forget the struggles of others.  Avis’s goal is to get listeners to pay attention to the many messages in her music, and to the lyrical content.  She sings about womanly love issues and joys, but she also strives to use her voice to reach the world and speak out on the problems of hatred, bullying, gun control, racism, and war.  However, the first capturing layer for me is that the production this amazing artist, singer and producer created in her music is that I can hear this CD being played at any club or large concert venue because the music simply makes you want to ……“Shake it!”    Available now on https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/avisharrell2



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