Anointed Pace Sisters

Anointed Pace Sisters

    Special Close Up With The Anointed Pace Sisters

    We had the opportunity for a special close up with The Anointed Pace Sisters as they shared their tribulations, joys, and comeback. Their latest CD "Return" delivers passion and harmony through ministry with traditional lyrics and eclectic arrangements. "Return" is a message about the return of the Lord Jesus Christ and a mission of completion for these women.

    Ladies and Gentlemen let's welcome back Leslie, Duranice, Phyllis, June, Melonda, Dejauii, Latrice, and Lydia, The Anointed Pace Sisters.

    These sisters are the same yet different than they were years ago because they have endured a lot. They are more mature and it shows in their message, harmony and ministry. "We have grown and gone through a lot; we were called to come back. With everything that has happened to us within the last 10-12 years without Him we could have lost our minds." says Leslie. Micah L. Speights (Latrice's husband) helped the sisters' jump start their comeback by sending out press kits to various labels, Tyscot took the bite, move forward in launching the sisters, and the rest is history.

    The Anointed Pace Sisters have over a decade of experience and has offered these words of wisdom for those of you that are either novice or veterans working or performing in this industry. "Read the word and let it minister. Build a foundation day to day. Map out clarity, when the devil sends confusion people are destroyed due to the lack of knowledge," say the sisters. "Get an entertainment attorney and sound without an ulterior motive" says Leslie. Melonda says "An artist and the label is like a marriage put on the full armor of God and eventually you will find your mix but you both have to work hard at it." Dejauii suggests have a heart of forgiveness. Many artists have a heart of unforgiveness but know that God has a plan for everyone and will help them through." Duranice says "preserve; don't end in bitterness and unforgiving and you will be victorious."

    The sisters' favorites are: Phyllis - "Strategically Ordered" and "Words You Say"; Leslie - "Words U Say" (depending upon the day and situation she's dealing with at the moment); Lydia - "Strategically Ordered" (feels it was written especially for her because despite bad choices and decisions Christ has pulled her through); Dejauii - "Rescue" (brings peace regarding her circumstances); Melonda - "God's World" (it speaks to tragedy on every hand) and Latrice - "Contentment" (she's experienced everything and has birth it out).

    They will all work on solo projects but the group will continue to sing together. Sister LaShaun made a guest appearance on "He's Here" and she sometimes sing with the group. Their unity, family togetherness, harmony and synergy are catapulting them to television and movies, allowing them to become the face of the gospel industry with their performances on "The Fighting Temptation and their latest feat with the Jiffy Lube commercial.

    "We are happy to be back and overwhelmed by the reception that they have been receiving from our fans, audiences and through interviews. We encourage everyone to purchase our new CD/DVD Project," say the sisters. We are happy for their "Return" and thankful to be a part of this wonderful time in history.

    Look for their DVD on several media outlets including the Gospel Music Channel coming soon.

    by Vernita Naylor, Jabez Entertainment Group


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