Yolanda Rabun

Yolanda Rabun

    Yolanda Rabun is a throwback artist of sorts.  She strives to have her music heard by the masses on a global level, but unlike a number of artists today, she’s willing to put in the hard work required to make it happen.  And as you may have guessed, the Atlanta native is no newbie to the music industry.  Yolanda Rabun has been singing and touring both the country and world since she was a grade school student, and she’s armed with poise, grace, showmanship and pure, natural born talent -- all the required tools to make a name for herself and leave a lasting impression on her audience. 

    Rabun wears multiple music hats, and as the lead vocalist for the Stanley Baird Group, she’s already garnered an international following, so it was just a matter of time before Rabun released her own album.  People around the world were waiting to hear her solo music effort, and Rabun isn’t one to keep her audience waiting. 

    With the release of her debut CD, So Real, Yolanda Rabun is ready to make you see things her way.  The album offers some personal insight into the mind, soul and life of Rabun, and every note she sings conveys her mood, her thoughts and, most importantly, her feelings.  Rabun goes for a soulful jazz sound here that’s reminiscent of Dianne Reeves in the 80’s.  It’s a mellow sound that both grooves and soothes you, and Rabun’s voice adds a decided flavor to her rich music gumbo.  The title track offers a peek into what is the come with So Real, with its jazzy flair powered by Rabun’s sensuous vocals.  “Dreaming” is full tilt soulful jazz that changes pace and texture to give the song an added appeal.  Rabun even does Beyonce and Destiny’s Child a favor by covering “Say My Name,” giving the song musical weight and making the lyrics seem more real and less immature than the original.  “The Good Wife” is a sultry number dedicated to the sanctity of marriage.  On “Just Believe,” Rabun goes a bit up-tempo and stretches out a bit while still holding strong to her jazzy sound.  The beauty ofSo Real is the live instrumentation.  There is no drum programming, loops or samples to cheapen the soulful jazz sound of the album; the music ebbs and flows with Yolanda Rabun’s vocals, creating a definitive sound her music lovers can appreciate. 

    Overall, So Real is just that: an album that’s real lyrically, vocally and musically.  Yolanda Rabun expects nothing less of herself as an artist, and she makes a point to share herself with you musically in a way that you can appreciate.  If you dig an artist who is unafraid to show you an intimate side, then Yolanda Rabun is just what the doctor ordered. 

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