SoulTracks Web Team picks their Songs of the Year

The SoulTracks Web Team was formed earlier this year, and has brought together a diverse group of individuals who love a variety of forms of music and reside in different areas of the world.  They are the eyes and ears for SoulTracks on the web and in a short period of time, the Team has formed strong bonds, shared information about music the Team was not familiar with and supported one another beyond the love of music. 

We asked our Web Team to share with SoulTrackers their favorite songs of the year. Here are their choices along with brief introductions to our Web Team members. Enjoy!

Jazzy1BeeMe: Self taught guitar player, Jazzy1BeeMe is a huge supporter of good music and can be seen routinely in theBettye_LaVette_Interpretation.jpg audience at live shows in the New York City area. 

"Love Reign O’er Me" by  Betty LaVette (Live from the Kennedy Center Honors) – This woman took a classic song by The Who and added such heart, soul and passion that it brought Pete Townshend to tears. Great performance.

"Leave It All Behind" by  The Foreign Exchange Very musical song. Anyone going through any challenges in their life needs to listen to this song and take a moment to regroup.

"All In My Head" OR "Ugly Part of Me" by  Avery*Sunshine Honestly any of the songs on her CD would have made the cut. This woman flat out sangs…. her voice becomes one with the other instruments. So jazzy and soulful.

LaTonya Pressley:  LaTonya aka L-Boogie honed in on her passion for music at a young age by singing and playing piano asKem-intimacy110.jpg a tot. She enjoys lives shows and spreading the word about the music she loves.

"Why Would You Stay" by  Kem -this is a song that peels back the emotional layers of a man who is truly sorry for his indiscretions. I feel the man’s soul in this one!

"Sometimes I Cry" by  Eric Benet – Eric’s talents are just pure beauty. Another heartfelt song that displays his vocal range in full force!

"Blessin’ Me" by  Avery Sunshine – First the title tells it all, it is a reminder daily to me. Pair that with the smooth and soothing vocals of Avery Sunshine , it’s a winner to me!

Lady Vee: Lady Vee is best known for her role as singer, D-Brock’s (Darien Brockington) Publicist.  She is passionate aboutericroberson100.jpg music and also manages her blog, LV Lair (

"Still" by  Eric Roberson – Never has a song and video stirred up so much emotion in me yet I found comfort in it too as I mourn the loss of my mother to cancer.

"All Of My Days" by  Yahzarah & Darien Brockington – Love drenched lyrics sung by two incredible singers set to music that’s like a warm, summer breeze.

"Window Seat" by Erykah Badu –  I’m always weary when an artist I admire returns after being away for awhile but Mz. Badu did not disappoint with this one

Nona: Nona aka creativitee does not mind sharing the music she enjoys with the young people she teaches.Eric Benet - Lost In Time (Advance Review) (2010) 

"Sometimes I Cry" by  Eric Benet What more can I say? This song just conjures up some feelings and thoughts in me. It’s almost religious.

"Man of the House" by  Fantasia This is a fun song that says sends a message while making you dance.

"All in You" by Conya Doss This is a classic soul love song!

Norvell: Norvell’s popular podcast, The Jazz Suite ( has been a staple in shining the spotlightThe_Floacist_Floetic_Soul.jpg on jazzy tunes for years.  His musical palate far exceeds jazz, and he is a very proud member of Phi Beta Sigma.  

"Forever " by The Floacist (Feat.. Musiq Soulchild) – This song cut’s through all the music you hear today it gives a sensual relaxing feeling when you hear it that why it is number one on my list.

"I Can’t Write Left Handed" by John Legend & The Roots – this emotion filed remake of a Bill withers song in this day and time had to be on my list being the son of a Vietnam Vet.

"Right Person Wrong Time" by Mike Phillips (Feat Jamal) – This cat is UNDERRATED he has taken the reigns were J. Spencer (R.I.P.) left off and the music industry just doesn’t know what to do or make of him! and I love it.

Sista Suga: Sista Suga is one of co-founders of One Nation Under The Soul Shack (ONUTSS), NY based promotional companyAvery*Sunshine - Avery*Sunshine (2010) that hosted listening parties for many soul independent artists, and several mainstream singers. She is an extraordinary music lover and a voracious shutterbug!

"Ugly Part of Me" by  Avery Sunshine – I Love how Avery sings this song–sultry, bluesy, apologetic and she is soulful as ever!

"Lowdown" by Incognito – It’s always good to hear a classic voice such and Chaka Khan teamed up with my favorite group, Incognito — on what was the jam back in the day, Lowdown!!

"Starship" by YahZarah – YahZarah pours her hear out on this one, and I just love her angelic voice that I know reaches the heavens!

SoulCuts: SoulCuts (Paul Cutting) is a passionate soul fan committed to spreading the word of good soul music via Soultracks,ForeignExchange-authenticity.jpg his review work with and his own exoteric blog,

"The Price of Love" by  Greg Blackman – The Price of Love (from the album of the same name) is an addictive, homespun groove that sounds like the lovechild of Marvin Gaye and Timmy Thomas delivered by one of soul music’s true undiscovered talents.

"Luv Is Comin Up" by Tom Glide & The Luv All-stars – From the most uplifting album of the year, Luv is Comin’ Up is a joyous, soulful track that recalls the very best of Earth, Wind and Fire’s work, set off by a punchy horn arrangement from the legendary Rahmlee Michael Davis of the infamous Phenix Horns.

"All Roads" by Foreign Exchange – Phonte and Nicolay’s music continues to evolve, confounding our expectations and delighting in equal measure, as evidenced by this melodic jazz-pop excursion from one of 2010’s most progressive soul albums, the sincere and affecting, Authenticity.

Tonya: Tonya aka TLB rown27 is a graduate student, a contributing writer for Gospel Today magazine, manages her blogAnthony David - The Setup (2010), Hear What I Hear (, and is able to find time to check out live shows in the Atlanta area.

"Let Me In" by Anthony David – What can I say…Acoustic guitar + Relatable/Memorable Lyrics = Perfect Summer Song.

"Greatest Weapon of All Time" by Zo! – Really liked this song upon first hearing, but seeing Zo! and The Foreign Exchange All Stars (LIVE) sealed the deal for me! This song was in heavy rotation in my car!

"Blessin’ Me" by Avery*Sunshine – Loved this song, simply because the Lord continues to bless me! Avery*Sunshine’s lyrics are genuine and express many of the things we all think and illustrate situations we’ve all encountered.  And then she and her keyboard take it one step further by setting it all to music that you want to hear again and again!

Detrel: Detrel aka Trelly, the SoulTracks Web Team Leader & long time SoulTracks contributor is grateful to have a team ofJ_Moss_Just_James_Album.jpg cooperative music lovers to learn from.

"Anointing" by J. Moss – 2010 was a challenging year for me, personally and this song hit me in the pit of my soul and encouraged me to believe that God is always in the midst.

"Share My Life" by  Kem – I had the pleasure of seeing Kem perform this live at the Budweiser Superfest; stood to my feet when he was done and haven’t stopped playing it since. I’d love to have someone utter the words in this song to me some day.

"All I Want is You" by Miguel f. J. Cole – Take an infectious beat, add vocals that waiver between subdued and melodically wailing, mix in a mini feature from one of today’s hot rappers and you’ve got a hit!  Couldn’t hear this song enough this summer.


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