TV's "Good Times" turns 50 years old with weekend marathon

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    [Silver Spring, Maryland, February 5, 2024] - TV One invites all fans of laughter, love and the Evans family to join in the celebration of 50 years of the iconic series “Good Times.” Starting Friday, February 9 at 8/7c and continuing through Sunday, February 11, the “Good Times 50 Still Golden” marathon extravaganza features exclusively curated content by TV One, including interviews with series stars Jimmie Walker, Bern Nadette Stanis and Ralph Carter.

    "Good Times" transcended the label of a mere sitcom; it became a cultural phenomenon resonating across generations.  Created by Eric Monte and Mike Evans, the show authentically depicted the struggles and triumphs of a Black family in Chicago, breaking barriers and paving the way for diverse storytelling on television.   From moments filled with laughter to poignant reflections, “Good Times” broke new ground in portraying the African American experience with nuance and dignity, remaining a touchstone of African American culture and inspiration.

    TV One’s “Good Times” 50th-anniversary celebration kicks off on Friday, February 9 at 8/7c with two episodes of “Maude,” introducing the character of Florida Evans, played by Esther Rolle. The marathon continues throughout the weekend with episodes spanning all six seasons of “Good Times.”

    Alongside the marathon, TV One has planned special content features, including interviews with ”Good Times” cast members Jimmie Walker, Bern Nadette Stanis, and Ralph Carter. Each shares behind behind-the-scenes glimpses of the series that offer viewers a unique perspective on the series and its cultural impact on television history. Outside of the 50th anniversary “Good Times” marathon special event, the series airs weekly on Saturdays on TV One.

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