Karyn Allen

Karyn Allen

    Official Biography (courtesy of Karyn Allen)

    SOULFUL...that's what singer and songwriter Karyn Allen is! Her sound is one that has been extinct in the ears of listeners for over two decades. It takes you back to that of a 70s sound, with a twist of the 80s R&B era, enhanced by timelessness. There are no limitations on her interpretation of life through song. "Music should make you feel good or heal something that makes you feel bad." That's what her philosophy is when it comes to the music that she makes. As a songwriter, Karyn Allen absolutely engulfs you into the story that she is telling. Whether it is someone else's story or her own, her delivery of it is second to none. She will quickly say that writing is her first love and that it's her passion. In contrast, her delivery of those written works of art stand alone in an elite class, once interpreted into song. It feels as though you are having that exact experience, even if you are not.

    Her influences include Teddy Pendergrass, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Patti LaBelle, Luther Vandross, Freddie Jackson, Michael Jackson, Sade, Whitney Houston, The Commodores, The O'Jays, Madonna, Phil Collins and Bon Jovi...just to name a few. One of her most influential songwriters is Lionel Richie; she admires his honesty in every song. Karyn's music and lyrics captivate any audience, because no matter who you are or what you are, there is something that she says that we all can relate to. What a powerful gift this young lady has been given as a storyteller through music! Her music is honest, thought-provoking and nourishing! It feeds every hunger and thirst that the person listening to it has. Karyn Allen's music is definitely food to your soul!

    Her debut album entitled "The Karyn Allen Experience" takes you on a journey from joy to pain and from love to hurt. It will make you want to dance on songs like the new single "Shawty, Shawty" and "Take You Higher", or you'll find yourself crying on songs like "Unbearable" and "The Way Life Goes"! She named this album "The Karyn Allen Experience", because she wanted to provide her audience with something that only she could deliver. Mingo Allen, CEO of Gifted Pen Entertainment, her record label says this about her, "Karyn's voice is timeless and smooth like velvet! Her music will touch your soul and melt your heart...it's all a part of The Karyn Allen Experience!" If you've never heard her voice, you've definitely missed a treat. This album is a classic that will be played for generations to come!

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