Interview with Darnell Kendricks

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    What sane person moves from the quintessential entertainment hub (California) to Detroit, Michigan to pursue a music career? An artist with such an insanely passionate vision, that he let his soul follow his heart. Darnell Kendricks is a soulful man. A craftsman with a deep and richly textured voice that is only matched by his profound spirit. Kendricks is realizing his dream and sharing his smooth, delicious, blend of vocals, musicianship and embraceable lyrics with eager audiences around the world. The key to why Kendricks is music's newest rising star: he's genuine.

    Whiile growing up on the West Coast, Kendricks' musical roots were heavily influenced by notable Detroit gospel legend Twinkie Clark and the "Prince of Motown" Marvin Gaye. After a brief visit to Detroit in the late 80s, Kendricks knew the "D" was where he belonged. Later, as a young adult, he moved to the Motor City, and has called it home for over a decade. "This soul movement is still pure and innocent enough for people to hone their craft," says Kendricks.

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