Bearing a sound reminiscent of groups from Atlantic Starr to Incognito, guiltypleasures hit the spotlight in 2009 with their auspicious debut, album lovestories.

    guiltypleasures is the brainchild of Washington, D.C. native Rick White. White was influenced by the "Quiet Storm" format that dominated late night urban stations in the late 70s and 80s (pioneered by the late Melvin Lindsey at WHUR-FM in D.C. and named after the legendary Smokey Robinson album).  A developing writer, White wanted to recreate the vibe of that format through his"Ricreations" production company.  He wrote the material for lovestories and recruited a terrific cadre of vocalists for the guiltypleasures, including Mycah Chevalier, Sol Edler, and Jerrica White.  The result was a triumph, a terrific late night album of adult soul and an unabashed pleasure for music listeners.

    By Chris Rizik 


    Available Music

    Choice Cut - Fred Reed Music - "Roses"
    Choice Cut - Tristan - "Diamonds"
    Choice Cut - Chris Jasper - "It Started With A Kiss"
    Song of the Month - Acantha Lang - "Ride This Train"