First Listen: Narada Michael Walden returns as a “Billionaire” on new song


Narada Michael Walden was one of the biggest producers of the 80s, a hitmaker for artists ranging from Aretha Franklin to Whitney Houston.  He is a Grammy winner and a production legend.

He was also a star artist in his own right duringthe 70s and 80s. And after a long hiatus, Narada will be returning on October 23 with the new album, Evolution.  The forthcoming album represents a change of direction for Narada, one that brings him back to his roots in Dance and Club Music, Funk and Soul. This first single and full-length album will be released on Narada’s own imprint, Tarpan Records. Evolution is inspired by the “retro” sound that is so prevalent on the radio and in clubs today. 

The first single from the album shows directionally where Narada is goin “Billionaire on Soul Street” is a fun dance number that is an interesting combination of the old and the new. It is our newest SoulTracks First Listen. Check it out below and tell us what you think! 

Narada Michael Walden
“Billionaire On Soul Street”

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