First Listen: Marques Houston sings til the “Last Drop”

(July 10, 2024) Marques Houston’s career shows that he’s the consummate entertainer. He’s a song and dance man who perfected his acting chops by doing voiceover work on animated television series, being cast in several other television programs and feature films.

Houston came to the public’s attention through his work as a singer in the group IMx and as a singer/songwriter who has released seven albums since his breakthrough solo debut MH dropped in 2003. Throughout his career, Houston has shown a penchant for making romantic ballads, as well as the kind of high energy R&B with hip-hop instrumentation and swagger that can get played in the club.

“Last Drop” is a mid-tempo love song that finds Houston drawing on both of those elements as he deploys his silky-smooth tenor to tell his lady that he’s team her. Lyrically, the song extols the time-honored virtues of all in commitment as Houston makes the case for her letting down her guard.

The accompanying video has Houston displaying his skills as a dancer. He dances and sings in the rain throughout the video. Check out Marques Houston’s latest single, “Last Drop” here.

By Howard Dukes

Marques Houston

"Last Drop"


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