First Listen: Lovelogiq has found his “Inspiration”


(December 27, 2022) People incorrectly believe that being inspired is a passive exercise. It’s something that we want to happen to us. How many times have we heard someone say, “inspire me?” While we can be inspired by people or events, inspiration is more likely to come from within and it is often the byproduct of struggle, setbacks, and self-doubt.

That is the lesson contained in “Inspiration,” the new single by LA based singer/songwriter Lovelogiq. Possessing a husky, buttery and mature voice, Lovelogiq sets up the central paradox in the opening verse. “Looking for inspiration/said a prayer/then a voice said/you gotta fall to get it/you gotta fall to get it.”

True inspiration is not easy to find. In fact, finding true inspiration may be the realest of struggles. You’re going to fail. You’re going to doubt yourself to the point of giving up. Grooves will become ruts, but the search will continue until you learn what inspires you.

That sums up the artist’s struggle, and it’s something that Efrem “Lovelogiq” Bryant knows well. Lovelogiq considered walking away from music a couple of years ago. The pandemic and its mandated isolation provided Lovelogiq with the space he needed sit alone, gather his thoughts, refocus, and redirect.

He reconnected with fellow creatives while also diving into activities such as amateur boxing, starting his own nonprofit while finding spiritual peace at a Buddhist monastery. Eventually, Lovelogiq returned to the studio where he produced “Inspiration,” the lead single from his upcoming album, Waves & Sunsets, which is due to drop early next year. Check out “Inspiration” here.

By Howard Dukes

Lovelogic – “Inspiration”



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