First Listen: Jru Anthony waits for the “Greenlight”


(September 27, 2022) Almost everyone is thankful to their parents for all the things, material and emotional and spiritual support, that they provided. Jru Anthony is no different, but he benefitted from one bit of non-traditional parenting that sparked the dream to achieve the goal of becoming a singer, songwriter and producer.

When Anthony received a cell phone and thus his pre-teen/teen rite of passage during his seventh-grade year, his parents didn’t reflexively demand that he put it away. Coming from a musically inclined family, Anthony’s dad, Go Go music legend Frank “Scooby” Sirius, had played with Chuck Brown and led his own band, so he recognized and encouraged his son’s creativity.           

Anthony went from crafting songs from beats he listened to on YouTube to using his dad’s computer get even more creative. Now, the 19-year-old multi-instrumentalist, prepares to release a new EP by dropping “Greenlight,” a breezy mid-tempo single that finds him working to convince a young lady blow by the relationship stop sign and move down the road together.

“Greenlight” is a cut that fuses a laid back, mid-temp steppers vibe with sounds and instrumentation of contemporary R&B. The song itself is a duet where Anthony adopts a conversational delivery as he states his case while his female counterpart responds in a rapid pace cadence that reveals the struggle between the caution that pushing her to hold back and a desire to move ahead. Check out “Greenlight” here.

By Howard Dukes

Jru Anthony – “Greenlight”


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