First Listen: James Sayer is “Still Not Over Being Over You”

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(July 7, 2024) The publicity materials promoting “Still Not Over Being Over You,” the new single from singer/songwriter James Sayer, notes that he is often called an old soul. Plenty of artists want to claim some connection past eras of soul and pop music. Sayer’s old soul bona fides can be heard on the record.

The song’s catchy title along with Sayer’s vocals that recall Michael McDonald and lyrics that tell the story of a guy who doesn’t know how to relinquish the torch he holds for ex – even if he wanted to – connects this tune to the kind of pop and R&B music made in the late 1970s. And that includes the Fender Rhodes keyboard’s interplay with the type of horn section heard from bands.

Then, there are the lush, tightly harmonic backing vocalist who engage in a call and response with Sayer and an equally in sync horn section that also recalls the brass compartments that were so identifiable that they had names like The Phoenix Horns. Well, Sayer’s horn section goes by the name The Blackjack Horns. 

“Still Not Over Being Over You” tells the very human story of a man who knows that he has to face the reality that the woman he loves is gone, but he’s trapped in the cycle of a different reality. Check it out here.

By Howard Dukes

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"Still Not Over Being Over You"


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