First Listen: Hervé “Gives Love” with New Single


(January 28, 2018) The world could really use a little more love these days. And New York-based singer-songwriter Hervé Coeur is making his rounds to assure that happens, thanks to his latest single “Give Love.” The Haitian-born singer-songwriter first performed the song with the New York Symphony Orchestra at the 70th anniversary of the United Nations inside Assembly Hall back in 2015. Now accompanied with a blissfully shot concept video and a digital release on most major platforms, the song is gaining a whole new audience. 

This timing of this song couldn’t have come at a better time, as the news cycle recently was dominated with headlines surrounding allegations of divisive and disparaging rhetoric made by President Donald Trump regarding immigrants, Haiti and African countries. With humanitarian-like lyrics, Aden Ray and Janet Zohar’s buoyant production and a mix of jazz fusion and African pop, “Give Love” provides a ray of light and optimism to our ears when we so desperately need it.

J Matthew Cobb


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