First Listen: Cool Million returns with a winner

(July 8, 2024) Few groove-minded production outfits have a track record as prolific and consistent as the duo of Cool Million. Producing records with organic throwback vibes that resonate as slickly modern, they’ve collaborated over the last decade and a half with the likes of Meli’sa Morgan, Kenny Thomas, Glenn Jones, D-Train, and the late Peggi Blu on melodically memorable and rhythmically satiating tunes.

Five years on from their last album, Cool Million is laying the groundwork for a long-awaited fifth set with the buoyantly funky “My Life.” Featuring Danish pop star Tomas Thordarson delivering compellingly soulful vocal vibes, “My Life” satisfies sonically with spare and punchy synth lines, chic drum programming patterns, light guitar underpinnings, and a solid bass progression. Thordarson showcases an impressive range, delving into tones deeper than those of his signature hit, the 2004 Eurovision entry, “Shame on You.” Cool Million’s arrangement meshes fluidly with his sensibility, allowing him plenty of space to emit a quiet conviction amidst multilayered phrasing and harmonies.

“My Life” is a most pleasing and promising appetizer which has us all the more eager for Cool Million’s forthcoming album. Take a First Listen and enjoy their latest groove graced by the talented Tomas Thordarson.

by Justin Kantor

Cool Million feat Tomas Thordarson

"My Life"


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