Sheri Hixon

Official Biography (courtesy of Sheri Hixon)

Music is life… rhythm caresses each emotion and action. Sheri started
writing and performing songs around 5 years old, while never taking her
unknown gift at the time serious. In 2005 while sitting at the piano and
playing a few chords, just fooling around and singing, her husband
asked, "who’s song is that, it sounds good", she said, "Its mine, I just
wrote it"; that was 5am. The rest is history. Sheri has composed many
songs, her catalog is multi-genre, she is also a flutist. Sheri’s sultry
sound and arrangements with deliverable melodic harmonies is truly
amazing, hearing the instrumental compositions and lyrics of a song in
her head, songs across many genres.

In 2009, "Life Stories", her first
studio project was released. "Life Stories", her début album,
conceptualized, written, performed and produced by Sheri; she hopes you
enjoy the music as much as she enjoyed creating it. Sheri… a gifted
artist with a very promising future. We tell all who listen that her
music is truly grown folks music, adult contemporary. We have trade
marked Sheri’s music… Pop, Country, Latin Jaazzzzzy Neo-Soul, with a
folksy twist. "Life Stories" will touch everyone in some way,
reminiscent of a lost or new love or remembering happier times… listen
to the lyrics of each song with your favored beverage or in your car on a
long drive… the music will take you to a reflective place. 


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