Official Biography (courtesy of Jaspects)

Being born during the hip-hop movement, Jaspects integrates our youthfulness with the maturity of the jazz language. With our interest being the progression of music, we hope to serve as a bridge between the two genres and utilize both art forms for the purpose of innovation and not imitation.

Established in February of 2003, our sole purpose has been to "redefine all aspects of jazz," by bringing jazz back to the forefront of poplar music by introducing it in a way that other generations can understand, appreciate, and digest. As sons of the illustrious ”’Morehouse College”’, we also attempt to fuse jazz and hip-hop WITHOUT compromise.

As students of jazz and children of hip-hop, we have been forced to live within two distinct worlds. Our goal is to create and perform music that can be appreciated by aficionados of both genres without compromising the musical integrity of either. We hope to draw hip-hop lovers into the world of jazz and do the same with fans of jazz.

Jaspects strives to merge the worlds of hip-hop and jazz so that listeners can get an exhaustive musical experience that involves TRUE freedom of expression on both ends of the spectrum. The freedom of expression in jazz is obviously linked to musical improvisation and creativity, whereas the freedom of expression in hip-hop is more closely linked to lyrical creativeness. Our aim is to rescue the struggling genre of jazz while breaking down the structural constraints of hip-hop. Jaspects attempts to make music of substance in every sense of the word. We create music that has depth creatively, lyrically, and musically without ostracizing the casual fan of either genre.


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Choice Cut

Chris Jasper

"Be Number One"

Choice Cut

Will Preston

"I'll Give It Right Back":

Song of the Month

Acantha Lang

"Grandma's Hands"

Video of the Month

Kinsman Dazz Band

"til Forevermore"

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