Honey Larochelle

Official Biography (courtesy of Honey Larochelle)

Most kids could only daydream about spending their childhood at band rehearsal, in the recording studio, or even better, on tour around the states?  Well, for Vancouver-raised Honey Larochelle, there’s no need to imagine, because that was her reality.  From her earliest memories Honey can recall music being extremely important in her life and at an early age she knew that music was her passion.  Honey spent her childhood mentored and influenced by her mother and professional singer, C.C. Larochelle (worked with Marvin Gaye, Little Richard, Bon Jovi), experiencing the music world first hand and molding her into the overflowing fountain of talent she is today.  

Honey is a triple threat within the music industry; blessed with a beautiful and soulful voice, incredibly creative song writing capabilities, and a knack and ear for producing.  Honey seems to have all bases covered, having an abundance to offer as an artist.  Fellow musicians have only positive things to say about Honey Larochelle.  N’dea Davenport (The Brand New Heavies) notes, "Honey Larochelle is one of my favorite people to sing with!"  According to Oscar award winning Jennifer Hudson (American Idol, Dream Girls) when discussing miss Larochelle’s song writing, Hudson claimed, "I’ve never seen like her, she just asked me a few questions about myself and my life, and the next thing you know she had a verse and a hook written."

Her view on music is one that is magical and spiritual; Honey believes that music should be powerful and her goal is to affect and move people through her art.   She carries with her a warm heart, a thoughtful mind, and a sense of humor that will have you laughing for days.  She completely embodies a sweet and caring soul, which is why many have been so attracted to both her being and her talents.

Honey’s gifts have caught the ear of many, gracing over 200 song recordings and sharing the stage with reputable artists including Joss Stone, Roberta Flack, The Brand New Heavies, Macy Gray, Maya Azucena, and Donna Summer.  Honey was also nominated for Best New Artist and Best R&B Artist at the Orlando Music Awards for her previous work with former group Urbanesque’s debut album which she co-wrote with popular producer Veit Renn (N’Sync, Backstreet Boys, Aaron Carter).  Since then Honey has also worked with prestigious producers such as Michael Mangini (Joss Stone, Busta Rhymes, Donnie Osmand), Shaun Fisher (Mandy Moore, Steven Segal), and Heeba Jeeba Productions out of ATL whom with she recorded some of her early work.

In 2005, Honey relocated to Brooklyn, New York, where she became one of the most sought after and stand out vocalists in town.  Honey is now a very popular face and voice in the New York underground music community.  She regularly performs with her 10-piece band on the stages of legendary music clubs such as Blue Note, Lenox Lounge, Canal Room and the Village Underground.  Honey’s performances are packed with energy and excitement that keep the clubs more than satisfied.

Larochelle has traveled internationally with Joss Stone, and The Brand New Heavies, as their sole backup vocalist.  Honey also has toured overseas with fellow Brooklyn artist Maya Azucena.  Soon enough in 2008 it will finally be Honey Larochelle’s turn to step into the spotlight once again, but this time as the front woman.  Honey will be releasing her first solo album, "Flight of the Honey B."  The debut album will be a 12 track look into the life of Honey Larochelle and her experiences as a young woman and growth as an artist.  The album will highlight Honey’s crisp and soaring soprano voice while showcasing her dynamic and touching lyrics and exquisite productions skills.  The unique and soulful mixture of Funk-Soul with a hint of Hip-Hop will surely hit the audience and listeners, putting them into an affinitive and euphoric state.  It’s just a matter of time before it’s time for this Honey B to fly.


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