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Brand New Heavies - Sweet Freaks

I first came across the term “acid jazz” around 1997 in relation to the group Incognito. Bluey  and his  crew had just dropped the album Beneath of Surface, hot off the heels of their triumphs with Positivity and 100° and Rising, and it stayed in heavy rotation for a couple of years. From my standpoint in Indiana,...

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(December 24, 2014) SoulTracks has long been known for our music reviews and opinion pieces, but during 2014 some of our most popular features were our "First Listen" stories, where we debut brand new songs for our readers before they can hear them on radio.

The "First Listen" stories this year were among the best we've ever done, and we've kept track of which among them were the most popular with our readers. Here are our Top 7 - the most popular songs on SoulTracks this year, based on how much you listened to them. We hope you'll enjoy them all over again here...

Soul Music Birthdays

Merry Clayton.jpg

December 25

Merry Clayton (1948)
Bob James (1939)
Noel Redding (1945)

December 26

Andre Fischer of Rufus (1952)
Kashif (1959)
Phil Spector (1939)

December 27

Fred Hammond (1960)

December 28

Akon (1979)

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