Official Biography (courtesy of Zakiyah)

    If you've met her, you get her and then you love her. Zakiyah's commanding presence and silky voice draw fans in with this brilliant artist's genuine lyrics and Funky Urban Folk sound. You will find yourself dancing, singing and celebrating this feel good music that's good for your mind, body and soul. Zakiyah's reach is global. Her music currently plays in over 26 countries. But it's in the live arena that you will truly "experience" Her Highnezz. From the first note the band comes exact, with intricately tight hits that seize your attention. Instantly you find yourself bobbing to the steady current of funky grooves and intoxicating rhythms that flow from the stage. Having worked with a number of industry talents, recently Zakiyah has teamed with drummer/producer Ivan Hampden, of Luther Van Dross fame. From her earliest work, to her soon to be released new album, Zakiyah will live in your iPod and on your MySpace music list and will most definitely be on your calendar when she visits your town.

    Zakiyah began her musical journey in 1992. As a young singer/songwriter, she recorded a CD project, Sentimental Thing, at Flat 5 Records. Unfortunately it was never released and she dropped out of the music scene altogether.

    In the fall of 1997 Zakiyah emerged from the studio with a new and exciting brand of music that was worth the wait. Au Naturel. It was dubbed Funky Urban Folk at its best. The 13 original song collection contained socially conscious, lyrically driven tunes like What Matters Anyway, a new anthem for racial equality, and Lessons, an assertion of the artist's own independence. Others like Yellow Sunglasses and the title track Au Nature are funky free-as-a-bird, fun songs that demand a dance. Zakiyah's powerhouse vocals and eclectic blend of acoustic rhythms and funky electric soul immediately engage the mind and soul.

    With its release several tracks from this freshman offering received generous play list action on over 200 stations and several songs from this CD reaching single-digit chart action on both college and mainstream radio across the USA and Canada.

    Hitting the road with her signature LIVE in-your-face interactive party sessions, Zakiyah began to build a strong grassroots following and was affectionately hailed as "The Funk Queen" and the "Groovy Goddess." While on the road evolving her sound, Zakiyah revamped her lineup, bringing a healthy infusion of jazzy funk to her mix of soul rock. This musically diverse core of musicians skillfully delivers food for the soul. This literal trip was the impetus for her second offering, Eclecticism.

    On Eclecticism (a highly rated album on,) Zakiyah delivers thought provoking lyrics that seduce your mind and grooves that pull you into its gravity. As always, Zakiyah displays vocal power, prowess and passion as she paints pictures of real life emotions and experiences. Topics range from love and romance to jealousy and envy. Furthermore, she explores spirituality to find ones way and the strength to deciding to change one's own life.

    Over a decade has passed since Eclecticism. Zakiyah's life journey included minimal knowledge of the science behind what she was doing. Common sense compels us to believe that few things are mastered as they are learned. Reasoned judgment supports this belief. This sabbatical has afforded Zakiyah a higher understanding of her gift as keeper of an art form. Just as a calm river remain as such until the rains come and opportunity presents itself, the river simply does what it was put here to do. Its mighty contents collect all of the energy and mass of its infinite contributors into itself and all will know of its power.

    On her most recent album. Her Highnezz assembled a 9-piece band of skillfully artistic cohorts to usher her into the next level of her musical evolution.

    Enter The ReZipe. This tasty thirteen-song collection of Zakiyah originals, is artistically complex and commercially competitive. Her maturity and seasoned command of her artistic tools, has fortified and sharpened the music and melodies. So are you hungry for something FRESH & NEW? Ready for a tasty musical CHANGE from the current uninspired menu we endure in today's musical outlets? Dare to nourish your senses with this refreshing blend of deliciously soul quenching, delectably mind freeing, body seducing musical feast.

    Indeed you are ready for a vibe like thizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

    Available Music

    Choice Cut - Brother Reggie - "Love Song"
    Choice Cut - KEA - "Turn It Around"