Tom Glide

Tom Glide

    Official Biography (courtesy of Tom Glide)

    Influenced by the funk soul revival of the mid-‘80s, "In the Name of Luv" bridges the gap between new school and old school with a contemporary mix of percolating dance tracks and spicy slow jams. Adding extra punch to this musical stimulus package: live instrumentation by some of the industry's most talented and renowned players. With credits ranging from Michael
    Jackson, Marvin Gaye and George Duke to Earth, Wind & Fire and the Rolling Stones, the Luv All-Stars collective includes trumpeter Rahmlee Michael Davis, keyboardist Larry Dunn, bassist Alex Al, drummer James Gadson and percussionist Rafael Padilla.

    "In the Name of Luv" is slated for release this summer on independent label Can U Feel It Records, which colorfully captures the project's musical intent.

    "It's a universal vision; a revival featuring an amazing cast of real musicians," says Glide. "With a foot in the past and the other in the future, the Luv All-Stars possess a passionate vision of creating music that couples the old with the new; live instrumentation layered with modern technology. We pray we've created music to uplift people; to bring people closer together."

    To make that vision a reality, Glide enlisted what he calls a "dream team" of collaborators. The trio includes horn and vocals arranger Rahmlee Michael Davis, engineer/mixer Patrick Green and producer/drummer Patrick Smadja-the latter of whom is partners with Glide in Can U Feel It Records and Publishing. The concept for the album, in fact, was born several years
    earlier when college students/fledgling band musicians Glide and Smadja promised each other that one day they would record an album together with legendary members of the Earth, Wind & Fire band.

    "It was a dream come true," recalls Glide of the phone call he received in 2009 from Smadja reminding him of their college pledge. We decided then and there to start the project with one clear briefing: '85 funk and soul music-and no compromises."

    Expanding in scope as enthusiasm for the project took root, "In the Name of Luv" was launched in Glide's home studio during summer 2009. That fall, Glide relocated to Los Angeles to enlist more key players for additional sessions. In addition to his dream team, Glide collaborated with songwriter/musicians Dan Florean and Terry Tam, lyricists Sonya Muhammad and
    Alaena Adams, strings arranger Maurice Herd and vocalist Tim Owens.

    The result is an 11-track set jam-packed with choice cuts, propelled by soaring horns, lush strings and expressive vocals. Glide and crew get the revival started with energetic opener "Get It Off." Other uptempo highlights include "Can U Feel It" and "What's Your Fantasy"-reminiscent of the Earth, Wind & Fire classic "Boogie Wonderland." Slowing things down, the All-Stars
    keep it just as hot on the torchy "I'm Crazy," featuring the sweet, emotional tenor of singer Orlando Johnson.

    Throughout "Luv" you can hear the many musical influences that have inspired Glide since the Parisian taught himself to play guitar, drums, bass and keyboards at 10 years old. Those influences run the gamut from pop, rock, soul and jazz to dance, reggae, house, tech and dub.

    I have a 360-degree point of view when it comes to music,explains Glide. The things that influence me are in constant mutation. As a youngster whose first musical revelation was Jimi Hendrix, Glide later embraced the work of Quincy Jones, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, EWF, Stevie Wonder, Miles Davis, and Kool & the Gang, among a host of others. His credits as a producer, composer, arranger and singer include the 2002 Beatcrusher track What Da F***, Ilona Mitrecey's 2005 gold and platinum album, Un Monde Parfait, and Glide's first release on his own Glide Recordings label, 2008's Yoga on the Dancefloor by Ekayani and the Tom Glide Space.

    Now the stage is set for Glide's next musical adventure, In the Name of Luv featuring the Luv All-Stars. And there's just one thing he wants people to do as they listen to the album: get up and dance in the name of Luv. This is music that erases the distance between the past and the present, and looks ahead to the future,says Glide. It's a universal celebration of togetherness, brotherhood and Luv.

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