HackTone Records releases long lost Dynamics album

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    Here's a timely release from Hacktone Records of a long-lost classic R&B album 

    Dynamics"Here at HackTone Records, we pride ourselves in diggin' up undiscovered or underappreciated treasures and showing them off to the world. Perhaps one of our most amazing finds is The Dynamics' spectacular soul showcase, First Landing. The quartet's fertile breeding ground of Detroit produced the Motown flavor that boasts the crème de la crème of soul music and The Dynamics drank deep of this well. Now, most people aren't gonna mess with a good thing, but when the group was discovered by Ted White (Mr. Aretha Franklin, if you will), some kind of higher power possessed them all and White shuttled The Dynamics on down to Memphis to throw a little Southern grit into their smooth Hitsville mix. The result is the groundbreaking First Landing, mixing North and South, sweet soul and Southern sass. The album features the brilliant production of American Recordings' Chips Moman and Tommy Cogbill (Aretha, Elvis, Waylon Jennings, Neil Diamond...) and spawned a Top 20 hit ballad in "Ice Cream Song."  How'd we find it, you ask? When HackTone's resident Detroiter David Gorman was just a young chap he heard "Ice Cream Song" on late DJ "Frantic" Ernie Durham's late-night soul show on WDET, freaked out, and went on a mini-mission to track down the album. It was an easy conversion for the rest of us - 20 seconds into the album's opener, "I Don't Want Nobody to Lead Me On," and rumps were shakin'. Still are, in fact. "

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