3rd Annual "Can A Sista Rock A Mic" Fest Features Davina, Sy Smith, Carol Riddick, & More

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    The 3rd Annual Can A Sista Rock A Mic? features Davina, Sy Smith & More

    The 3rd Annual Can A Sista Rock A Mic? features Davina, Sy Smith & More

    The 3rd Annual Can A Sista Rock A Mic? is taking place the second week of August (6-12) with the public grand opening kicking off Wednesday with Georgia Anne Muldrow and Bahamadia. The Grand Finale is again on Sunday August 12th and we have a huge suprise in store for you, to go along with the long awaited album release party of DC's Afi [ah-FEE]. (7+ years in the making). This super hot event is benefiting DCTV Kids Video Festival (taking place 9/16 at E Street Cinema).

    This year we will feature many rising starts and he first ever Lady Beat Battle, with exciting live-band performances from a number of incredible soul, hip-hop and eclectic artists accompanied with live visual arts installations and spoken word artists. A tentative schedule of this year's CASRAM is posted on our blog at www.solsource.org
    This is the official Summer send off event in Washington for early adopters and trend setters in urban, intelligent lifestyle and culture, and of course, music.
    [Articles from the previous year can be found here: http://www.bgirlmanifesto.com/news_events.htm ]

    We ask that you support this event by helping us impact the nation. "Industry" folks need to know about this event as we showcase female artists that deserve to be talked about, written about, seen and heard. Musicians and fans need know about this and have a reason to visit DC and converge in the name of independent music and illustrious talent.
    Why support CASRAM?

    One: Amidst the controversy over negative images in music and the degradation of women in radio, real music, culture and lifestyle continues to bloom visibly out of the garbage with an all women's week-long festival entitled Can A Sista Rock A Mic?

    Two: Radio and major labels continue to weaken, and corporations are finally taking note that unique festivals such as this provide a stronghold for savvy purchasers, a voice for music, and are a reflection of the trend in young mainstream lifestyles back toward artistic purity and independence-with fans dictating who and what is really it, emphasized by new means of accessing what they want through technology.

    Three: This is the only week-long, all-female performing arts festival, which promises to deliver yet another memorable experience, with much anticipated heavyweight acts in hip-hop, soul and beyond..

    August will be here in no time so we're already gearing up our podcasts. Our website will be ready in a week with a music player featuring a hot tune or two from this year and last year's performers.

    We ask that you (especially as a performer) place the festival on your top friends list on myspace www.myspace.com/canasistarockamic and spread the word about this event to folks in the DC Metro area and beyond.