Story: Burgers and Soul BEFORE Mary J. Blige

With all the “No More Drama” surrounding the (obviously unfinished) Mary J. Blige Burger King commercial going viral via YouTube (see below), it’s worth remembering the time when burgers and musicians intertwined perfectly. Here is the Best and the Funkiest: Jenny’s Daughters was a group of 3 female singers known for one minor hit called “I Can Tell” issued on the Buluu/Dunhill label (1969), and the very last catalog 45 ever issued on Paramount Records: “Dirty Feet” b/w “Charlie’s Gone” (1974) (listen to song below). And, Jenny’s Daughters sang the funkiest, superflyest, mutha of all commercials – the style of Burger King and most other restaurants have tried to duplicate ever since (the video also stars actor James Watkins, later renamed Julian Christopher).

Finally we take a look at another commercial that got it right: McDonald’s kills It with Al Jarreau and Vesta Williams.

Contributed by Donald Cleveland


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