Our girl Alex Nester scores on "American Idol"

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    Alex NesterHey SoulTrackers. You'll excuse us for a second if we dab our eyes and sniff like proud parents at a recital, but our talented young buddy, Alex Nester, who we featured last Summer when she issued her hot debut album, Rattle the Walls, showed her chops this week on American Idol, getting the golden ticket to HollywoodSimon, Randy and the gang learned what we've known for awhile: Alex has the whole package.

    Alex seems to have lived the life of 10 people in her young life, wowing audiences when she was still a pre-teen singer, overcoming cancer as a teenager and now wowing audiences again with her soulful voice and musicianship.

    All of our at SoulTracks will be rooting for Alex as she goes to Hollywood and we'll be keeping you all up to date on her journey. You go girl!