Salah Ananse

Salah Ananse

    Official Biography (courtesy of Salah Ananse)

    After over 16 years as a producer and DJ on the Atlanta underground music scene, Salah Ananse talent as a DJ has put him on bills with notable DJ's such as Vikter Duplaix, DJ Kemit (Kemeticjust), Rich Medina, Brother ?uestlove and Kai Alce. He has also held opening DJ spots for artists such as Dave Chappelle, India Arie, Joi, Res, Fertile Ground, Dwele, Les Nubialns, Musiq, The Roots, Donnie and Raphael Saadiq.

    Recently Salah Ananse has emerged in the dance music genre as a new force. His rhythmic instrumentation and smooth layered vocals make his sound unique and distinguishable among the rest. "I feel that this genre enables me to express myself musically in whatever way I see fit. As long as it's soulful it's accepted." Although Ananse has been noticed for other work, including a remix for India Arie's Brown Skin and Something New from the New Sound Theory compilation both of which received underground airplay throughout the nation, he has for the most part remained quiet with his solo project. "I want to present myself in a way that will not pigeon hole me in any particular style. I make soul music. Thats the only way I can describe myself. Ananse's collaborations with DJ Kemit and his Divine Recordings gave a wider audience access his soulful sounds. Ananse's new studio project, Late Night Affair: Suite 701, is a producer driven project that features collaborations with Anthony David, JimiJames & Gaelle. It's scheduled for worldwide release November 17, 2009. His project Ananse Scales, which is a collaboration project with Mausiki Scales, has an as yet untitled album expected to be release January 2010.

    Available Music

    Choice Cut - Sargent Tucker - "Good Music"
    Album of the Month - Joan Belgrave - "Oooo Boy"