Rippy Austin

Rippy Austin

    Official Biography (courtesy of Rippy Austin)

    It’s not often that the music world is introduced to a young, upcoming artist who is a uniquely gifted songwriter, musician, producer, rapper and singer. An artist who classifies himself as a sound designer. One, who creates masterpieces as he splashes his musical compositions on a proverbial canvas of sound. An artist who loves and appreciates “real” music for the authentically beautiful art form that it is, and will always be. An artist who is passionate about music, and desires to preserve its integrity…past, present and future. An artist who believes that as an “artist”, you must first be true to yourself, to be taken seriously and accepted by others. An artist who has been heavily influenced by his exposure to Jazz, Hip Hop, Neo Soul, R&B, etc. since he was formed in his mother’s womb. An artist who “gets the bigger picture”, and is grateful for the gifts, talents and capabilities God has imparted in him; and blessed him to share. An artist who is also a visual designer, and creatively packages and presents his music by incorporating the array of fine arts, design and photographic gifts he possesses as well.

    Such an artist is Rippy Austin, who will be releasing his first, highly anticipated CD, Patiently Waiting. All of the songs were written, produced and performed on keyboards by Rippy; and are a tasteful mesh of soul, hip hop, jazz and experimental expressions. His voice, whether he is rapping or singing, is brilliantly on-point; but also smooth, captivating and soothingly soulful.

    Rippy also created and designed all of the visual artwork and photography that is displayed on both his Patiently Waiting CD packaging and his website, Rippy (aka Garrett Austin Rountree), was born 22 years ago in the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California, and lived there until his family moved to Indianapolis, Indiana. After graduating from Pike High School, Rippy attended Elizabeth City State University in North Carolina for two years, until he transderred to the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles, where he has been for 3 years completing his undergraduate studies.

    “I’ve put my heart into this project...sharing what I hear in my head...melodies, lyrics, feelings, my keyboard work, etc.,” explains Rippy. “I fell in love with this project, and I’ll just let the music speak for itself. Patiently Waiting - It comes with love, it’s real, it’s authentic and it’s all from the heart. In essence, I’m simply giving real music lovers a special part of me. I hope they embrace it, and are touched in a meaningful way.”

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