Rebekah Withakay

Rebekah Withakay

    Official Biography (courtesy of Rebekah Withakay)

    With unique lyricism and memorable melodies, RnB/Soul, Songwriter-Singer, Rebekah Withakay writes songs that will leave tears in your eyes, a smile on your face, and joy in your soul. Some of her accomplishments include local radio airplay, songwriting contest recognition, and in-store music placements in throughout Europe, Australia, Russia, Italy and the U.S. Rebekah, a former member of the Funk/Rock band LucysBrownSeville, has worked with a myriad of Detroit artists, including PirhanaHead (Prince, George Clinton), Yaminah Brock (Painted Pictures), Lightyear, and Justyn Kredible. She has performed throughout Michigan while a part of LucysBrownSeville, where she played the role of soul-stress in the super-dope soulfully funk rock band. Quite a feat, considering she suffered relentlessly from stage fright for many years.  Rebekah sang lead and back-up in the band and played a mean tambourine.

    A Detroit native, she grew up just steps away for the famous Motown Museum, which undoubtedly influenced her music citing artists like The Supremes, The Jackson 5, Gladys Knight.  And listening to Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam, EnVogue, The Fugees, Lauryn Hill, Mariah Carey in her youth and early adulthood influenced her style. Vocally she's been compared to Aaliyah, Teena Marie, Joss Stone and En Vogue. Songwriting wise, she admires the likes of Smokey Robinson, Diane Warren, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys and Anna Nalick. She tells story of love and life on all levels in her writing. With a lyrical focus she connects through her music, because she believes there is a healing power and a connecting thread through music that can touch everyone.  She also injects some comedy and fun into song, as evidenced by her tribute to the great actor.... "Alec Baldwin."

    She hopes to sign a publishing deal to market her music to the world through TV/Film/Ad and also place songs for recording artists in the music industry. She's garnered several licensing deals for many of her songs through commercial and retail radio placements.

    Rebekah Withakay reminds you that music is everyone's best friend in times of triumph and trials. Striving to open your ears, your minds, and your hearts, she reminds you that you are never alone on this journey.


    Choice Cut - Brother Reggie - "Love Song"
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