SOBO Magazine talks to Steve Arrington, Howard Johnson, and The Foreign Exchange!

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    What's happening, family?

    It's been a very busy year for the Dynamic Duo at SOBO Magazine! After taking much of 2008 to regroup and regain focus, Chris and Georgette got 2009 off to a big bang with some great interviews and articles that kept the masses busy with good reading material. To top it all off, in August, they premiered their podcast/radio show "The SOBO Show" which has gotten a lot of love from all around the world. As the year winds down and a new decade greets us in 2010, they end it on a high note by featuring legendary entertainers Steve Arrington and Howard Johnson, then backdoor that with an interview with the Grammy nominated group, The Foreign Exchange! And while you're reading the articles, there's "The SOBO Christmas Show" where you can listen to some great holiday classics. Yes, 2009 has been a great year for SOBO Magazine and "The SOBO Show" and it's you the readers and listeners who make it all worthwhile. Know that you are appreciated indeed.

    Thank you for a tremendous year and see you on the other side of 2010!

    Chris and Georgette
    The Dynamic Duo