Courtney John - Motown meets Jamaica

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    If you haven't heard of Courtney John yet, get familiar right here y'all - he's got a great new video on deck for his new single "Lucky Man" which resonates with vibes of classic doo wop and soul groups on a Motown meets Jamaica type of plane. He's a reggae-tinged version of Eddie Kendricks and Curtis Mayfield, often likened to Slim Smith in his home country of Jamaica, who was arguably the greatest Jamaican rocksteady vocalist of all time. 

    Check out his new video for "Lucky Man" below, which has been charting top 10 on reggae radio in Miami, NY, Philly and around the world in Porugal, Holland, Australia, the UK and of course Jamaica - enjoy:


    Also be sure to check out Courtney John's new album Made In Jamaica which features "Lucky Man" available now on Amazon and iTunes


    For more on Courtney John, visit MySpace and YouTube