Lou Writer

Lou Writer

    Official Biography (courtesy of Lou Writer)

    When it comes to being an entertainer Lou Writer has all the bases covered. Singer (check); songwriter (check); dancer (check). It’s only a matter of time before all of these checks lead to success and stardom for this triple talented young performer, who is often referred to as the “R & B Prince of the South.”

    THE MAN:  Born Louis Wright III in Jackson, MS, Lou now makes his home in Los Angeles, which is also where he finished high school. Like so many gifted singers, Lou grew up singing in the church with choirs and praise and worship teams.  By age 10, he was trying his hand at writing poetry. By the pre-teen years he began putting melodies to those poems. “I was like, ‘Wow look at me. I can write rhymes!’ I thought I was doing something,” he recalls with a laugh. Along the way, he also began acting and dancing.

    After high school Lou returned to his deep southern roots by attending Jackson State University, later graduating from Mississippi College with a bachelor’s degree in family counseling. ”These days you have to be able to multi-task. It’s not just about having creative talent,” says Lou.  “You also need the education as well because nowadays the market for creative talent is just so over saturated in so many areas.”

    THE PERFORMER:  Lou started his journey into the entertainment biz as a background singer for R&B platinum singer Lyfe Jennings, who happens to be one of his icons.  Not only did he travel the world on Jennings’ tour but it also allowed him to master his skills as a vocalist and stage performer. As an already award-winning songwriter, Lou penned the sultry track “Role Play,” which began getting spins on radio stations across the state of Mississippi. It wasn’t long before Lou was opening for performers like Young Money’s Lil Wayne, Drake, Trey Sonz, and Gucci Mane, as well as R&B powerhouses MusiqSoulchild and Robin Thicke. “I met Robin during a sound check one day. He was just so really cool,” recalls Lou of meeting the music superstar.

    THE ACCOLADES:  In between opening up for these music power houses, Lou auditioned for both TV powerhouse talent shows American Idol and The Voice. He made it passed the first round of American Idol and made it passed the second round of The Voice in 2012.  With an established fan base at home, Lou headed to New York City to compete on Black Entertainment Television’s hit show 106 & Park’s “Wild Out Wednesday” talent competition. BET. After two wins in the R&B category, Lou went on to win the network’s R&B All-Stars competition with 49% of the viewers’ votes.  He notes, “Appearing on 106 & Park opened up a lot of doors for me. I was able to sign on with an indie record label. I opened up for a lot of artists and my single at the time was played on several local radio stations. This all allowed me to make some good money and start rubbing elbows with a lot of important people in the industry.” After appearing on 106 & Park, Lou’s nationwide fan base quadrupled, especially in the southeastern markets of markets Memphis, Atlanta, and Miami.

    THE MUSICINDECISIVE is Lou’s current single that he co-wrote. The exotic and rather sensuous track was produced by Grammy-nominated producer CedSolo. As Lou shares, the song tells the classic tale of a man torn between two lovers. “Indecisive is a song about this guy who’s involved with two different women. The primary girlfriend is a good woman who really doesn’t have her life together but she loves him. The other young lady appears to really have her life together on the surface but in reality, she doesn’t. So in the end, the guy chooses the wrong woman. The first young lady ends up getting her life together but in the end the man loses both of them.”

    THE PLANINDECISIVE has been out for only a short time but it’s already getting all of the right attention from listners. The accompanying video is now in the planning stages. The single can be downloaded free of charge at www.InfiniteMusicGroup.net The single is part of an upcoming EP that will be released later this year. Unlike many young recording artists, Lou says that he prefers not releasing a full album at this stage of his career. His humility for not doing so is practically unheard of for a young performer.  He says: “Right now, I just don’t think I’ve accomplished enough to earn the fan base yet. I haven’t earned the right to have my music played in somebody’s car or home as of now. A new performer shouldn’t release an entire album and then expect the public to run out and buy it because they still don’t know who you are. You have to earn those fans.”

    Lou plans on using some very creative marketing strategies that will help him earn that fan base. “We plan on doing a lot of giveaway to the public. By doing so, they can see how good the music free of charge. And hopefully within a short period of time, I will then do a full album because the fans will be ready for some more great music and won’t mind purchasing it,” he shares. It sounds as if the “R & B Prince of the South” will continue wearing that crown for many years to come.

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