K. Avett

K. Avett

    Official Biography (courtesy of K. Avett)

    Many artists find themselves locked in a box –somehow held prisoner by a certain genre.  This is not the plight of singer-songwriter K.Avett.  When asked to describe her music, one quickly detects her hesitation to place a label on the music she so loves.  That’s because she loves it all and feels that it has shaped her style in so many ways.  “On any given day, I can go from Sade or Annie Lennox to Guns-N-Roses or The Isley Brothers.  I’m a virtual hodge-podge of musical tastes,” she muses.  However, it wasn’t always so.

    Growing up with a heavy gospel influence, she had very little exposure to other types of music until her teenage years.  She can recall countless instances of “sneaking and listening” to blues music, (a descriptive term her parents used that included anything outside gospel).  Ironically, K.Avett is never too far from her musical roots, which is strongly evident throughout her sultry sound.  “My greatest desire is that people truly connect with me through my music.  Life is hard enough without having to crack a code to understand where I’m coming from.  Whether I’m in love, upset, heartbroken, pensive or any emotion; I want you to be able to feel it.”  And feel it, you will.

    She describes her debut album, Revelations, as a fancy fruit salad of beat-up funk, juke joint flavor, rock & old soul.  Reaching audiences in the UK and beyond, K.Avett has been included in SoulSorts Best of 2014 and has found her soft spot on a multitude of online radio station playlists across the U.S.  She had her first music-film collaboration this year as her song, “Take It Slow”, was featured in a short film called “Her Eyez.”  With a smooth and soulful sound as authentic as the lyrics she writes, K.Avett continues to pick up momentum as she blazes through the Dallas-Fort Worth area with her live shows and events.  When asked about her trajectory as she gains momentum, she declares, “You can’t go wrong when you stay true to yourself…” 

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