Full Force

Full Force

    While Full Force has remained under the radar for many music fans, the group's influence on popular music has been immense and long lasting.

    Full Force was a production force during the 1980s, and was one of the first hip-hop vocal groups. Consisting of brothers Paul Anthony George, (vocals), Lucien George (vocals) and Brian George (drums) and cousins Curt Bedeau (guitar), Junior Clark (bass) and Gerry Charles (keyboards), Full Force was a whirling dervish of activity for several years, writing and producing for Patti LaBelle, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, Force MDs, James Brown, the Backstreet Boys and seemingly scores of others.

    The group had its first hit working with UTFO on the hit "Roxanne Roxanne" and that led to a busy plate of songwriting and production work for both R&B and rap groups that continued for the rest of the 80s, including the final big hits for Brown ("It's Real" and "Static"). Full Force also recorded albums as a band with some success during the late 80s and early 90s, most notably on the hit “All In My Mind.”

    As the rap world was moving to a harder, gangster sound in the 90s and Full Force was losing steam as a recording artist, the group began working with pop acts like up-and-comers the Backstreet Boys, NSync and Brittany Spears, bringing them a whole new set of fans.  They continued into the new millennium, collaborating with hitmakers such as the Black Eyed Peas and Rihanna.

    By Chris Rizik