First Listen: Thom Merlin & Osborne give it a “Try”


(April 11, 2023) Dutch producer Thom Merlin has a penchant for fusing contemporary R&B with what has been called an electronic lounge feel.

Listening to “Try,” the new song by Merlin featuring British singer and songwriter Osborne, you can also hear a nod toward EDM. Merlin’s arrangement is high energy. “Try”
 is a fast-paced cut that features pulsating percussion and atmospheric keyboard work. Both play off Osborne’s laid back and conversational vocals that find him trying to convince a potential love interest to throw caution to the wind and take a chance on love.

The contrast between the urgency in Merlin’s arrangement and Osborne’s intimate, smooth and buttery tenor delivery makes for an enjoyable give-and-take between voice and musical arrangement. Check out Thom Merlin and Osborne on “Try” here.

By Howard Dukes

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