First Listen: Salome x Hunter put a “Spell On Me”


(April 13, 2022) “Spell on Me,” the latest from singer Salome and saxophonist and producer Hunter Yerrell, is a hypnotic song. That’s appropriate since the tune tells the story of a someone being drawn into a relationship by a force that they can’t seem to resist.

“Spell on Me” combines a deep funk bass line with atmospheric keyboards that provide a platform for Salome’s relaxed and conversational vocals. Her laid back, singing style serves as a contrast to the song’s lyrics that outline the theme of someone who is trying to understand the pull that this person has on them.

The Nigerian Canadian stays in total control while singing a song about a person who is not exactly in control. And like many people in the situation that Salome describes, she’s totally self-aware of what’s happening, but she’s can’t change course.

The singer/songwriter has been releasing songs for the last two years, so Salome is another artist who put the Covid years of isolation to good use. Here, she pairs with another young prodigy in Yerrell, a multi-instrumentalist who took to the saxophone after first trying his hand at the piano and guitar. Yerrell proves to be quite the producer on “Spell on Me.” Check it out here.

By Howard Dukes


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