First Listen: Rukmani is feeling “So Fine”


(July 13, 2023) The sheer beauty of expressing oneself through trials and tribulations can translate into a potent asset in artistic endeavors. As Rukmani adjusted to the rough times in her childhood, music became the utmost sanctuary in digging out her honest emotions.  The Nigerian born and raised singer/songwriter carried this mantra, eventually transforming those unwavering feelings into inspiration for those who were facing life’s obstacles. 

After releasing a few singles, it was that raw intense interplay that propelled “Gateway Drug,” resulting in over half a million hits on major online outlets. And with Dudu Boy (H.E.R.) joining Rukmani’s production team, the Angel on The Run EP was birthed, framed with numerous sonic brushes graced with honest vulnerability, yet never lacking self-assurance.  

From her self-released EP, Rukmani debuts on the First Listen pages with “So Fine,” an introspective look into a relationship leading into a simple caring touch that eases the pain they have experienced. Rukmani’s outlook for “So Fine” was based upon handling life’s rough stuff with a tough skin: “I refused to let my problems affect me, despite the depression I was feeling.”   

A fascinating soundtrack flows gently with elements of bossa nova, neo-soul, and R&B – courtesy of DuDu Boy’s production.  And Rukmani drops velvety, expressive vocal tones that sync perfectly with the storyline.  Now, if Rukmani stays in her unique authentic artistic lane and what brought her to this point in such a short period, her overall appeal should translate to a wider musical platform. Take a listen!

By Peggy Oliver

Rukmani – “So Fine”


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