First Listen: Raja-Nee is “Rolling at Midnight” with cool jam


(May 6, 2022) Chicago bred singer Raja-Nee’ is making major strides with her latest wave of new music. The most recent batch of fresh singles – “Come Get This Love” and the spunky disco jam “Love in a Groove” – have shown a steady progression for her sound and unique artistry. And she’s continuing to press forward with her latest on the smooth jazz-meets-AC R&B midtempo gem “Rolling at Midnight.”

Produced by jazz guitarist and contributor, jazz guitarist Wilfred “Nenja” Frelix (see “Come Get This Love”), the track is completely surrounded by peaceful vibes thanks to its dreamy synths and smooth jazz guitar strokes. And Raja-Nee’s relaxed, blissful vocal performance asserts an uncanny radiant glow of paradise throughout the three-minute soundscape so reminiscent of an Anita Baker-meets-Sade tapestry.

Raja hits that euphoric stride when echoing such charming surrenders to her love: “My heart belongs to you/There’s nothing I won’t do.” The only downfall present is that the song doesn’t linger long enough, playing like an interlude of something more to come. Lucky for us, a full length LP, Sovereign of 14742, is slated to drop later this year.

In the meantime, roll all around this exclusive First Listen of “Rolling at Midnight” and let us know your thoughts.

By J Matthew Cobb

Raja-Nee – “Rolling At Midnight”


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