First Listen: Penny Wells wants to “Be More”


(October 27, 2022) Today’s music landscape allows for the freedom of true artistic expression, and versatility is a key to artistic growth. As listening audiences become more selective, an artist’s ability to remain relevant can be compromised if they are not able to adjust accordingly. Penny Wells is an artist who over the years has been able to display the vocal dexterity needed to maintain her respected status, winning various awards along the way. Her latest single release, “I Wanna Be More” further extends her songbook.

With the help of the legendary Soul-Jazz Superman, Frank McComb, Wells is able to deliver a melodic experience that will find a home on multiple radio formats. While McComb produced, arranged and played all instruments, Wells crafted a lyric and curated a vocal approach that fits perfectly to the McComb sound as she sings of the desire to be a better version of herself. She is assessing g her present state and, in the midst of her self-reflection, develops an awareness of who she is and what she is worth. Wells’ effective layering of vocals on the track, make it as compelling musically as it is lyrically. Her roots in soul, Gospel and jazz are in focus and helps to evolve the track throughout its foundation, peak and ending vamp. 

While we wait for her next full length album, “I Wanna Be More” should be more than enough to hold longtime fans of Penny Wells. Her musical story continues to be told through exceptional projects and this single is the latest and greatest chapter.

By Keivu Knox 

Penny Wells – “I Wanna Be More (You Are)”


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