First Listen: Ola Onabule’s classic “Soul Town” revisited in great remix


In the early days of SoulTracks, one of our favorite new artists was UK soul man, Ola Onabule. He completely won us over a decade ago with his album In Emergency Brake Silence and its memorable – now classic – songs, “Soul Town” and “Heart of Lead.”

Well, the folks at DSG Records agreed with our assessment of that great album and have gone one step further, issuing a brand new Nigel Lowis remix of the single. It is a lusher version with a more pronounced beat that is just right for steppers, and it will hit stores on April 13.

So we have two treats for SoulTrackers. First, we also have an interview with Ola where he explains what the song is about and the reason it meant so much to him. Then below we have the new remixed version of the song.

Check out this classic soul song with its brand new clothes and tell us what you think!

Ola Onabule – “Soul Town” (Nigel Lowis Remix)

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