R&B star Meli’sa Morgan finally gets her gold after 37 year wait


(May 31, 2024) She is a SoulTracks Lifetime Achievement Award winner who has been part of our musical lives for nearly four decades, with a style that helped define East Coast R&B. And now, 37 years after she released her debut album, Do Me Baby, the legendary Meli’sa Morgan finally has her gold record.

Do Me Baby was considered a late 80s classic by soul music fans around the world, but the sales numbers never quite seemed to add up, and everywhere that Morgan looked, it appeared that the tracking of sales for her album was…off. But she was determined to get to the bottom of it, and doggedly pursued the truth for years, working with teams at Capitol Records, Universal Music and the RIAA. She tells us, “My thought was ‘Don’t Give Up’!”

Finally, as she arrived back from a successful European tour this week, Meli’sa got the news: Her debut album was now certified gold. And, while she was happy to be rewarded for her hard work, Meli’sa also wanted to use the experience as a lesson she can share with other artists. “I just think it is important to let other artists know to go after and not give up pursing the sales number data for their albums and singles!  Especially if they are like me and did not get certified Gold or Platinum during the height of their success.  Records keep selling throughout the years!  You should stay on top of that cause that is your source of status that you use for your level of success.  Especially in the music business.”

We couldn’t be happier to share the great news of an all-time artist who is finally getting a long-deserved “golden” memento of her accomplishments. Congratulations, Meli’sa!

By Chris Rizik


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