First Listen: Lorne Bowman finds his “Love”

(June 12, 2024) It’s wedding season. That means soon to be brides and grooms are looking for the song that captures the love they have for each other and the future that they want to create together. The couple is looking for a song that expresses the sentiments of their hearts during the wedding ceremony, or that can be the soundtrack that plays during their first dance as husband and wife.

On the song “You’re My Love,” singer/songwriter Lorne Bowman becomes the voice of every groom searching for the right words to say to his bride. Bowman strikes all of the romantic cords on “You’re My Love.” He pledges his undying love, to be a protector, a comforter and lets her know that having her in his life is a necessity. 

“You’re My Love” fuses an R&B arrangement that calls to mind 1980s wedding day ballads with lyricism that reminds listeners that both the wedding ceremony and a marriage are spiritual events. 

It should not be surprising that Lorne Bowman can tie together secular love with the religious elements of marriage. Bowman hails from a family that has used music as a means to speak to every aspect of love. Jazz guitarist Tim Bowman, who plays on this track, is his brother; gospel artists Vickie Winans and Tim Bowman, Jr, are his sister and nephew. Check out Lorne Bowman’s wedding day anthem “You’re My Love” here.

By Howard Dukes

Lorne Bowman

"You're My Love"


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