First Listen: LaTocha Scott of Xscape wants him to “Stay”


(March 15, 2023) LaTocha Scott won legions of fans as a part of the R&B super group Xscape in the 1990s. It would be impossible to talk about 90s R&B without including the music of this Atlanta-based group in the soundtrack. They could sing anything and LaTocha had the range to move from the hip-hop infused R&B that she crafted with the group to an excellent cover of the Jones’ Girls classic “Who Can I Run To.”

That’s why it is not surprising to see and hear LaTocha handle a gospel song like “Stay With Me” with passion, authenticity and the ease of a true pro. “Stay With Me” is one of those down-home gospel songs that lets listeners know where a singer stands both vocally and spiritually.

The arrangement is simple with a keyboard providing piano riffs and flecks of a gospel organ and jazzy guitar riffs moving in and out. That instrumentation sets the tone but does not get in the way of LaTocha’s power packed vocals as she sings a song about her fervent desire to remain safely in God’s presence. The song features call and response not only between the instruments but between LaTocha and her baking vocalist.

LaTocha gives this song the authenticity of a person who has experienced the ups and downs of life and has come to the realization that God’s all sustaining presence is all that she needs. Check out LaTocha’s “Stay With Me” below.

By Howard Dukes

LaTocha – “Stay With Me Here”


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