First Listen: Keeyen Martin thinks she "Should Know"

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    (March 24, 2022) There is a tendency to assume that there’s a villain whenever a relationship goes bad. There’s some infidelity going on, or perhaps someone is insensitive or just takes the other person for granted. We hear a lot of songs that address those scenarios. However, sometimes two people can’t make it work and there is no villain to blame. Perhaps they’ve grown apart, or maybe they’ve come to the realization that they were never compatible.

    Keeyen Martin’s new song “You Should Know” is about two good people caught in a bad situation and how one must take the initiative to make the difficult and painful decision to move on. Martin uses his buttery tenor to take listeners into the mind of a man torn between some of the good memories the couple created and the realization that’s not enough to overcome the growing knowledge the two have no future. In a song has a goodbye letter level of intimacy and honesty, Martin tells what he must do in the present to take charge of his future.

    North Carolina native Martin has shared stages with the giants of R&B and hip-hop music, including Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, PJ Morton, Peabo Bryson, Common and Kayne West, and the song “You Should Know,” is released shortly after Martin came off the “Donda” tour with West. “You Should Know” showcases Martin as someone who has learned much from time spent with those artists about how to use his vocal instrument and lyrics to paint a musical picture. Check out “You Should Know” here.

    By Howard Dukes

    Keeyen Martin
    "You Should Know"

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