First Listen: Katrina Carson sings of a love gone wrong

(June 10, 2024) Katrina Carson wears many artistic hats: She’s a playwright, producer, actress, singer and songwriter who earned a degree in drama from Wayne State University’s theatrical program. Carson’s multiple creative identities often intersect.

That’s the case on her latest single, “Selfish.” Being a stage actress came in handy on this cut. The tune tells the story of a woman who not only tells her soon to be ex that their relationship has run its course, she reads him a litany of reasons why this had to be.

It all comes down to the fact that this guy is a bit self-centered. Carson breaks it all the way down, acknowledging that blind love, naivety and perhaps insecurity had her overlooking all kinds of red flags – from warnings from ex-flames to ignoring manipulative behavior. “Selfish” is a song that finds Carson powerfully explaining what happens when one person comes to the painful realization that a relationship is one-sided and another person is perfectly happy with that arrangement.

“Selfish” sounds like a song in search of a musical. Maybe Carson can write it. Check the tune out here.

By Howard Dukes  

Katrina Carson



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